This actually fits in the thread below about the King of the Nerds show, but I'm curious what others have experienced.

So, my wife's sister-in-law (I refuse to claim her as any relation to me) was over the other day.


I feel like I need to add that the sister-in-law is far from the brightest crayon in the box.

She was on my couch watching my TV, which is flanked by 2 book cases full of Science Fiction and Fantasy books and memorabilia when a commercial for the TBS show King of the Nerds came on.


She turned to me and said "what would you do if your kid turned out to be a nerd?"

I was completely floored by the question since the way she asked it implied that there is something wrong with being a nerd.


I replied that I'll be happy with my daughter regardless of her interests and activities (barring anything illegal or overly risky), and added that "in case you didn't figure this out in the 8+ yrs you've known me, or by looking around my living room, I am a nerd"

She was amazed that I was able to function in social situations and even commended me for my ability to speak to people in public and was concerned for me since "school must have been really hard to deal with?"


I thought we were moving past the stereotypes and negativity toward nerds, I hope it's just an isolated incident with someone that probably reads at a 6th grade level.

Has anyone else had similar situations recently where you were called out for being a nerd?

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